Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not so sweet freedom....

From the moment my children were born, I have looked forward to them going to Kindergarten. For mothers, this is a major milestone in a child's life and marks their entrance into mainstream society. Yes, children go to preschool, and both of mine did, but that was different. I paid for that and therefore felt I had some control over what happened. So now, as I look forward to sending my baby off to his first day of Kindergarten tomorrow, I look back at the long journey to this moment.

Baby M came out screaming. He wasn't even technically born yet and he was screaming. I should have known then what I was in for. He was such a sweet baby.....very easy going and content. He was the typical baby of the family though, demanding everyone's attention, but he has always had an incredible independence that I envied. He never wanted to be helped when he was learning to take his first few steps and always seemed to resent me trying to get him to talk. So, although he could both walk and talk, for the most part, he refused. That was until he realized the immense atonomy he would gain by joining the upright and verbal. He potty trained himself. M decided one day he wanted to join the "stand up peeing club" and from then on we were done with diapers. He never even wore pull-ups at night. He has also dressed himself from a very young age, and by "dress himself" I mean pick out his outfit and have me put it on him....he is a little lazy, typical male.

My little boy started preschool a couple years ago and has done phenomenally. He's definitely the class clown but very sweet and all the girls love him. He's kind and witty and has a wonderful way with people. I am so excited for the world to love him, but a part of me wants to keep him to myself. Keep him safe and warm where he always knows he's loved. So I send you off now, M, remember to be nice to people, even when they're not nice to you. And always do your best at everything you do. Don't let girls trick you into anything and don't eat glue. And above all, remember that you are so special and so loved and I will always be here for a big, squishy hug and mooches. You are my smart, independent, brave boy and you're going to be AMAZING!

**The Long of it**

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Mandi said...

Hi - I found your blog on PW's website. I just wanted to say that I love the paragraphs about your son in school. What a beautiful description of wanting them to go out and experience all of the wonderful things of school and life, but also wanting to keep them with you, close to your heart. My oldest is five, and I totally feel that way with him. :)Mandi