Friday, July 25, 2008

Be a Man

Every man has issues!!!

I married a man that is kind and funny and sensitive. But... Oh God, he has two kids! Two kids who are spoiled and rude and rotten. Yes, he recognizes this, but is he doing anything about it? Absolutely not! He is scared of their mother, scared of making them unhappy and this is contributing to their unruliness! No matter how much you do for a spoiled child, it is never enough! That is the very definition of spoiled!

I believe single fathers get a bum rap, but Holy Cow men! Stand up and be men! Being divorced and a part time father does NOT mean you have an excuse to be less of a father. You are not their friend, you do not have to spoil them to compensate for the childhood that the divorce has created. They need you to parent them to compensate for it. Spoiling, teaching entitlement and being scared of your own children will only give them additional issues. If you have a bad ex, then someone has to teach your children proper values and work ethic.

-The Short of it

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