Friday, July 25, 2008


Why is it that some people think it is appropriate to communicate at 2 o'clock in the morning? I'm a single mom, working full time, trying to survive! Does it not seem implied that I would be asleep at that ungodly hour? Well, for those of you who are confused....I'M ASLEEP AT 2AM!! And if I don't respond to your ridiculous text message, it doesn't meaning I'm ignoring you.....again, I'M ASLEEP!! Furthermore, why, on God's green earth, would I want to argue at that time? I don't! Booty call....maybe, but not an argument! Although, I did seem to be at my wittiest with my hair sticking up and my eyeballs glued shut. So, the moral of the story is.....#1 don't call me at 2am unless someone is dying.....#2 don't try to start a fight with me at 2am cause it'll make me mad and I'll probably win.....#3 don't be psycho and weird (even though I know "you can't help it")!

**The Long of it**

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