Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Croc of Crap

I hate Crocs! Who decided that these are real shoes?
Let me start with a couple of disclaimers... First, if you are a nurse, by all means I understand you wearing Crocs. Second, if you use them for gardening or walking along river bottoms, I think Crocs may be a fine choice. However, for all of the rest of the population wearing these horrendous shoes I have to ask, What in Heaven's Name are you thinking?
These shoes are ugly. They are not a fashion statement. I saw a well intentioned woman wearing them in church, this is not appropriate, these do not qualify as Sunday Best. These shoes are slovenly and they look like colorful tires, not footwear.
I confess, in the early nineties I made my mistakes. As a Jr. High student I wore socks and Birkenstocks as well as socks and Tevas. Oh, the horror of it. But, for the love of Pete! I learned my lesson. I repented of my ways. I grew up and bought some appropriate foot fashions. These ugly things have creeped in to society everywhere. Children, Grandmothers and last week I saw a man in my office wearing them.
Please America, I beg you! Please, keep these contraptions at your back door to wear in the garden. Keep them where they belong!
--The Short of it

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Ryter said...

Heh...I was SO excited to find Crocs on clearance at a sporting goods store while I was on vacation that I bought an orange pair for $7. ORANGE!!! And now that I am at home I can't bring myself to bring them out of the closet. Heh. Saving them for a Halloween costume get up....I think.