Thursday, August 28, 2008

4 Hour Guilt Trip....

I've been separated for a year and a half but only started the divorce 2 months ago. In my state, divorcing parents are required to take a parenting class to obtain a divorce. A four hour, mind numbing, long ass class full of bitter men and women hating the world. I swear you could taste the bad vibe in the air. It was awkward for me because I have had a very amicable separation and divorce. My X and I live very close to each other, talk daily, and share the kids 50/50. A long story for another post.

After 12 hours to reflect, here are my observations:

*There's not much this man told me that I hadn't read a hundred times in books and articles.

*My kid is a lot more angry then I thought he was.....get therapy, ASAP.

*There are a lot of angry people in the world....and they frequently marry each other.

*If, while taking notes, you write "divorse" you don't deserve to get one!

*I'm a pretty sly text messager.

*I really don't want to listen to an 80-year-old man talk about us being "sexual beings."

*I have probably irrevocably damaged my children for life and now they have a 75% chance of getting divorced themselves.

*I am not allowed to get into another relationship for 2-3 years or it will go horribly wrong.

*If I do ever get married again there's a 60% chance I'll get divorced again....that'll make the 2-3 year wait for another relationship REAL EASY!!

Feel free to take any of my pearls of wisdom and use them in your own life! By the way, I paid $40 for this wisdom!!

**The Long of it**

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momowash said...

Gee, only 40 bucks!!! My ex and I had to pay $100 each!! And we had to be in the same class and he is still mad and it was so awkward and stupid. But, like you, I learned a lot with regard to the effect on my two little ones.