Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fat is too fun!

Weight Watchers... "Hate" Watchers!

A month and a half ago after eating my way through a summer of step-parenting and my 30th birthday, I stepped on a scale and realized that I had passed the weight I swore I would never get to by 10 whole lbs. I felt fat and miserable. Too sluggish to play in the yard with my kids, and not owning a pair of pants that fit (because I refused to buy anything new).

I promptly joined Weight Watchers. Even saying that, for some reason, makes me feel every one of my 30 years. Isn't Weight Watchers the diet of old ladies? Anyway, I could do it online and never have to sit in a meeting room with the "old ladies." (Geeze, who am I kidding... like I'm some spring chicken still?!)

I joined! And for 5 1/2 weeks I have been completely faithful to the plan. I diligently count my points and track everything... I was ten pounds past my "never" weight... there was no choice in the matter. And it has worked! It has worked wonderfully. I'm now right at my "never" weight and still going down. There is still a long road ahead of me to get to where I want to be.

But this brings me to the point that sometimes it is sooo much better to be fat! Today, I am missing a bowl of ice cream. I'm missing a fattening dinner of pizza. I'm missing mindless snacking. Being fat is fun!

I know, I know, skinny feels better than fat tastes. But sometimes I miss the culinary freedoms of fatness!

--The Short of It


Susan said...

OMG. Hope you don't mind, I'm adding you to my short list of Fav. Blogs to Read... I checked out your blog, and had to read older posts...finally someone who's divorced and willing to even mention things about it in writing!!

I could comment to each of questioned your filing for divorce because you were good "married people", but then I read your blog previous to that about verbal abuse...NO NO NO - you were so right in your choice. I am happy you have found someone wonderful and deserving.

OK, thanks for your comment, and thanks for the laughs...and keep up the good work. Yep, being fat is so much funner - totally agree. (I'm sipping my wine as i speak.)

klynch said...

I so miss the pizza dinners and the ice cream I only recently have to stop eating thins due to Gestational diabetes but I had cut back befor because I was on the south beach that I had lost about 25 pds. before relizing I was Preggo.. so I'm sure I'll be back on that boat again afterthe baby is here! your right fat is more delicouse than thin!

gingela5 said...

I have put off my diet so long because I'm afraid I"ll miss the fattening foods that I love so much!