Monday, November 3, 2008


#1 I had to change my snip-it about me cause I turned 30 a couple weeks ago and I think it's false advertising to say I'm I'm depressed. I can't be 30, that means I'm old. 30 was that age when you were a kid that you looked at as being "an adult." This milestone, by the way, coincided with me moving back into my parents house...damn I'm a loser. So, I've changed the blog and now I have to accept that I'm 30.

#2 The Short of It has been hopelessly lost on our blog. I know she's busy and stuff but I think that last 5 posts are mine and I'm sure our 3 faithful readers are tired of hearing from me! On second thought, I have no job and nothing to do, can't be too hard on The Short of It, but someone PLEASE leave a comment begging her to tell the story of her mom's falling down boyfriend!!

#3 Again, I'm 30, and I've had several, how is it that one goes about finding a job, I'm totally lost? I thought this would be easy....I'm educated, I've had good, long term jobs with great references, I'm a responsible and presentable person! This sucks ass! I never thought I'd be so willing to go back to work after my month off, but I am! I'm bored and I need money!

#4 My oldest turned 9 on Saturday....damn I'm old! I think I'm gonna rename this post "I'm Old"!!

**The Long of It**


Susan said...

OK, OK, I'm happy to come through for you and BEG the Short of It to come back soon!! I would have begged harder, but I'm actually 38 and I'm quite depressed after reading your posting.

I left my husband at 34 with two little ones and had to live with my parents for 5 months while the house I bought was gutted. It helps to turn it around and be thankful that you actually have family to turn to... Recruiters, Networking services online, Job sites, what industry are you in???

Lyn said...

I was recently reminded by an ex-college professor of mine that you are as young as you feel. In that case..... LOL Be grateful that you have family around to support you as you 'regroup.' Enjoy your kiddos and pray alot. If you love what you do SOMEthing will turn up. I promise!